Saturday, 18 April 2015

Changing Trends In Essay Writing

In the modern world the field of essay writing is changing day by day and the standards of writing are changing very abruptly. However, the common tendency is the majority of the students are still unaware of this interesting fact. At first, writers used to write on the specific topics and reading audience tends to like them but nowadays people likes to read out of the box topics which were considered irrelevant in the past days.

Reading of those out of box titles is one thing that I really appreciate but in some sense this is going to damage the writing skills of the writers. Now people write things that make absolutely no sense at all but still there will be a group of readers that will always encourage them to write these things.

I am of the view that writing skills of a person depends on his/her own personality and skills so people just don't have to change these skills just to have the attention of a particular group of people or readers. One should never change his/her writing as he/she will be changing their personality by doing that. Because what you write is what you tend to think even if you don't mean to think that but at some point you will be heading towards the destruction of your writing skills and your personality eventually.

Some people may or may not agree with me here but I am positive as I have seen many people who have well established carriers in this field of writing, however be it me or anyone else, sitting and doing nothing for the company will definitely not be the idea or what actually is required. A few days ago I had an argument with my colleague who also is a writer and in the end he and I had to go along our ways as neither of us was willing to listen to each other but yes we both knew that we are correct at our points.

But at some points in my life I wonder that writing such things might be good practice as people write something and this big field of intellectuality and freedom of thoughts is going to prosper in time. Many readers may not agree with the points that I have made here in this article however I believe that in the near future when I will discuss this interesting issue in more depth and with more clear evidences I am sure that most of the public and or reader will be on the same page with me.

This article is written by Anderson Lessa, he is a researcher in the field of writing. And to date has worked on many projects related to essay writing and improving the skills of students who normally are hesitant to write their essays with confidence.

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