Sunday, 24 May 2015

Common Essay Writing Pitfalls

Even when armed with a powerful grammar correction software, your essay might require you to do extra work in order to get really high marks. Don't worry, it's not that big a deal - especially when you know what you're looking for.

The following things are the most common pitfalls that student essays exhibit:

1. Poor thesis statements. With a weak thesis statement, you've already shot yourself in the foot before you've even started. A good thesis statement focuses on a single main idea and states it clearly with no chance for misinterpretation. Do you have that?

2. Weak introductions and open-ended conclusions. Like watching a movie, the beginning and the end can define how you feel about an essay. Failing to write a strong introduction and a definite conclusion is a guaranteed way to turn off whoever's reading.

3. Insufficient arguments. When your arguments are insufficient, you leave yourself with an underdeveloped essay. To avoid, make sure you choose strong points to argue, backing it up with concrete evidence and impeccable reasoning. Explain your interpretations clearly to drive your point across.

4. Poor structure. Make sure you plan out how to develop the essay. Most of the time, weak essays are the result of the wrong organization structure. Gather your notes from the onset and decide how to best present them by imagining how the sequence develops your ideas.

5. Incredibly boring. "Hey, not all of us can be engaging writers," I'm already hearing some people say. Sure, I accept that. However, all of us can write clearly with some amount of color. Go for that. Most of the good writing software actually help out on this end.

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