Friday, 26 June 2015

The Easiest Procedure For Writing an Effective Essay

Most people can merely compose a sentence when it comes to essay writing. This was the case with me until I discovered the best route on how to plan and write a good essay. All it takes, at least like I discovered, is planning and a positive attitude; the I-can-do-it kind of attitude. Understandably, essay writing can be boring unless one has some ideas about the topic he/she is to write on. Therefore, it is important that, upon receiving the essay question/topic, one does thorough research so as to gain the information that they will be required to detail in their essay.

Essay writing has three phases; pre-writing phase, the writing phase and the post-writing phase. All these phases are important and need to be given critical attention as they will determine the quality of the essay that will be written. Here are the major activities involved in each phase:

1. The pre-writing phase

In this phase, one will receive/decide on which topic his/her essay will cover. Deciding on the essay topic is important as the audience will be drawn to an interesting topic than to a boring one. How interesting a topic is depends on how important/relevant/current it is to the audience. In this phase, one will be required to do some research so as to understand what is there to be written in the chosen topic. This phase is very important as it will help the writer to narrow down the available content to more specific points that will interest his audience.

2. The writing phase

This is main phase in the writing of your essay. It is in this phase where you have the opportunity to express your opinions on the topic. So you need to do your best so that you meet the expectations of your audience. Outlined here is the basic guide on how to write an effective essay.

First, your essay should have an introduction. The introduction is a critical section in your essay as it determines the readability of your essay. Your introduction should be divided into three parts. The first part should be a grabber; an attention-arousing statement that will captivate anyone who may come across your essay. The grabber may be an interesting quote or a surprising fact on the topic you will be writing on. The second part of your introduction should justify the grabber in a manner that is not biased. The third part will then outline your thesis; a statement that you will be arguing on.

Secondly, your essay should have a discussion on the thesis you specified in the introduction. This section will mostly cover the what, when, where, who and how pertaining to the specified thesis. It is in this section that relevant literature should be reviewed and reported without compromising the integrity and authenticity of your essay.

The third section in the writing phase is the conclusion. The conclusion will summarize your arguments detailing your position on the specific thesis provided at the introduction. Most conclusions will offer recommendations on what needs to be covered by future writers on the same topic.

3. The post writing phase

This phase will involve proofreading the written essay. This is important because proofreading helps in minimizing grammatical and contextual errors mostly encountered when writing. In this phase, the writer has a chance to make sure that the essay being written complies with all the guidelines and specifications for writing the essay being handled.

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