Wednesday, 1 July 2015

How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay For University

Writing is a process which is the most common way of expressing your opinions and commenting on other people's, writing a five paragraph essay is a challenging task.There are few things you need to know that will contribute to achieving excellence in writing and are not difficult to learn. Once you inherit them, they just need some practice to gain the expertise. Practice is the only thing that makes all the difference in the world, and when it comes to writing an essay, it is this skill to which is needed to be mastered. Being grammatically correct and following a defined format is highly required to produce good essays. Writing essays on any topic requires a great amount research work. Essays can be written on any topic ranging from current to historical events. Essays are of various kinds and few are very small essays, whereas others are extremely large essays. Another kind of essay is the five-paragraph essay.

Writing five-paragraph essays is a very easy task. You do not have to be a magician to learn the skill of writing great five-paragraph essays. It is only some basic skills and practice which you require. The following writings will help you find the information needed by you to learn the skill of writing the essay. You are required to put in only a little bit of effort and you will be ready to write five passage essays on your own.

This type of essay consists of five paragraphs. The first one is the introductory paragraph; second, third and fourth paragraphs are support paragraphs, and fifth one is the concluding paragraph.

In the first paragraph, you will have to paint the background of the topic. This paragraph is the most important part of the essay and is considered the heart of the essay. Just like the heart supports the life system of the body, the introductory passage gives direction and life to the rest of the essay.

Remember that there is a strong link between the introduction and conclusion. These two paragraphs, when taken together, can make anyone understand the problem and the solution offered. These should be worked in sequence to make the job easier for you.

The paragraphs to follow are the body, or support paragraphs. These paragraphs should exclusively support the idea of the paper and should not imprecisely discuss the topic of the paper. Each support paragraph should be integrated, so that nothing in these paragraphs deviates from the main point of view. These paragraphs should contain some concrete examples, statistics, and facts and figures that support the introductory paragraph. There should be a long discussion on the points made in the introductory paragraph. You must also remember to have a clear transition between the present paragraph and the next paragraphs, in order to get a feel of the flow of the essay. Transition from one paragraph to another should be made only when needed and you should end the first paragraph with a transitional sentence to open the way for the next one. You can master this skill of transition with practice, as practice is the key in writing a five paragraph essay. Each paragraph should have a concluding statement that keeps the reader interested and focused on the discussion, and each body paragraph should focus on the facts and evidence. It should be able to connect the evidence with the idea of the essay, whilst also avoiding the use of informal words, keeping your writing simple and clear.

Your concluding paragraph should begin with restating the idea and then correlating it with the discussion of the other three paragraphs. You don't want to cover any new information here, but look as reviewing and summarizing the main points in your essay.

This is the way to write a correct and interesting five paragraph essay.

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