Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Risky Application Essays

When you're writing an application essay and aren't too hot about your chances, there's one strategy you can resort to that can, hopefully, tilt things in your favor: taking risks.

Granted, many guides to application essays will tell you to take risks. The best of those, however, will warn you that the "risk" portion is unnecessary if you've got your stuff together. If you can stand out (i.e. you've got all the credentials) without any special help, then going the safe and tested route should be your default path. If, however, you feel the need for an extra edge, then taking a risk in your application essay is one of the more effective ways to get it.

What are examples of risky application essays? Basically, anything that shows great imagination and creativity, bypassing the usual formats for the medium:

- Essays that talk about the reasons why you shouldn't be accepted, all while allowing your positive qualities to shine through.

- Essays that create an engaging narrative, rather than a direct discussion of your qualifications.

- Essays that talk about how specific events led you to your desire to enter the program.

- Essays that use humor, irony and other literary devices.

Application essay needs to be written clearly and uniquely. There's a huge competition in providing well-written essays and you need to be very careful enough on how to write one correctly and effectively. Writing can be tough yet there are rules to help you out and how to fix whatever writing mistakes you've committed while doing your work. It will be best to take all the process in writing. These processes will aid you on how to improve you writing as you proceed with the task which includes outlining your essay, writing the first draft, revising your first draft and finally, you need to edit and proofread it before you submit your final application essay.

Outlining means to plan your essay out by identifying what the topic is all about, how your concept will work, what to research and how you will structure your essay before you start writing it.

Write anything including all possible ideas you had for your first draft and include the facts that you gathered to support your arguments. Check your first draft to eliminate any unnecessary words, statements or ideas and to rewrite it for a better writing foundation. Check any writing mistakes such as grammatical errors, capitalizations, punctuations and even spellings. Once you're done, then your application essay now ready for submission.

Done well and written correctly (hopefully, with the best English writing program), risky application essays can help you stand out from other candidates. Remember, though: only take risks when it's necessary.

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