Sunday, 2 August 2015

How to Make Your Essay Interesting and Unique?

One word which comes to our mind, when you need to write an Essay is "Boring"! Time and again our parents, professors, teachers might have tried to make this experience a pleasant and interesting one. But, I seriously doubt how many of them have succeeded in it. With the same intent of making essay writing a pleasant experience, I wrote this article, which serves as a guide to churn out an interesting essay.

Readers can follow the below mentioned simple tips, to create unique and beautiful pieces of essays, which will make eyes run behind the words without blinking.

Positive Mindset

A positive mindset before we start writing an essay on any topic is very important. This is the foremost criteria to start writing a piece of essay. A happier and sharper mind delivers a positive tone to the essay. Many essays I see had failed to peak my interest level because of the tone.

Title of the Essay

Every day we skim the newspaper and prefer to read only few articles. Ever wondered why? The reason is we stop at the title which arouses our curiosity. An apt and interesting title can pique the curiosity of reader and make him start reading it.

Know the topic

A thorough understanding of the topic will get the best out of the essay. It is always recommended to give ample time to know the topic. In case you like an excerpt, do quote it and give its reference in the essay.

A Strong Beginning

A Strong opening paragraph is very important to make the readers eyes glued to the essay. It should inveigle the reader to read the complete essay though he did not intent to go past the opening paragraph.

Choice of Words

Any essay is collection of words. Try to avoid including complex words, remember nobody needs to carry a dictionary to understand the meaning of the essay. Use few interesting complex words wisely to make the essay intriguing.

Humour Me!

No matter how serious a topic is a small amount of humour will relax the audience nerves and engages them for a longer period of time. Who would not like humour amidst an utterly chaotic lives? Be careful an overdose of it would ruin the whole idea.

Visual Depiction

If an idea can be depicted in a pictorial or an info graphic, then go all for it. Everyone loves pictures. Over time again and again, many research studies proved that use of a picture increases the readability of a piece of work.

Colloquial style

Establish a colloquial style throughout the essay. An easy, conversational style makes a reader think. This can provoke the audience and make the essay an interesting one.

Quote Examples

Any complicated topic can be made easily understandable with a small example. Thus, try including as many examples as possible. In addition, audience love facts. Do enough research to include facts and figures.

Involve Reader

Involve reader in the topic. Make them a part of the essay. Deviate as less as possible from the topic and keep the reader as close to the topic as possible. For e.g. If you are writing an essay on a temple visit, include vivid descriptions of the people around, the weather conditions, how you felt the first time you saw the 100 ft idol. This makes audience involve in the topic and imagine the temple the way you had seen it.

Include Anecdotes

Anecdotes and small stories make the article interesting and unique. If you are writing an essay on a temple and remember a small account on what happened to your friend when he visited the same temple about a while ago, you can always include that. Everyone likes real life interesting accounts.

Unique piece of intelligence

Make the essay unique by writing something which is not easily known or evident. Include a unique piece of credible information.


Conclusion is the important part of the essay. You need to wrap up all the thoughts in a single paragraph and give your own unique perspective of the topic.

Revise again and again

Now that lots of time is being spent in getting the first draft of the essay, it's time to sharpen and define a shape to the piece of work. The only way it could be done is; revise. Read the essay again and again and make all the edits. Revision gives a new perspective and idea every time we read the essay. Ideas develop and help to hone the overall topic over a period of time. Try to revise the essay first thing out of the bed in the morning and edit accordingly. This will help to come up with the fresh ideas and help to articulate a perfect essay.

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