Sunday, 13 September 2015

How to Write the Perfect Essay

Native English speakers as well as those speaking and writing English as a second language confront the same challenge. How to write the perfect paper and get an A for all their efforts?

A school piece that demands a descriptive narrative of an assigned topic will require thorough preparation from the beginning towards the end of the writing process; but contrary to popular belief, writing a narrative discourse should not be complicated.

The basics of writing a good narrative are simple. These are the same guidelines for writing graduate school dissertations and college theses. The assignment given to you by your professor is therefore a preparation of that eventuality.

Basic Rules

In completing your writing efforts there are simple rules to follow - whether you are formulating an analytical piece or supporting or opposing a viewpoint, or retelling a personal experience you have to be comfortable with your topic. Here are some tips when putting your ideas into words.

"Select your topic - Choose a topic you are passionate about. This will give your writing direction.

"What do you want to say - If you have a topic in mind, enumerate the ideas you would like to explore, but be sure you have back up support from available references.

"Why do you want to say it? - It is not enough to put your ideas into words. You must have a purpose. Perhaps you want to galvanize people to action or agree with your point of view.

"How will you say it? - This will guide you in your style of writing.

"Simplify - Start with a simple thought, and stick to it. As you go along, you will find some great ideas to fit into your paper.

"Make an outline - an outline should be your writing map. You should plot the beginning, middle and end of your discourse. With an outline, you can present your ideas clearly and in orderly fashion.

"Review your first draft - be objective and don't settle for a half-hearted effort.

"Show your second draft to your adviser - His or her input will be valuable.

"Be ready for rewrites - Relax and unwind. Get away from your assignment for awhile. You can return to it later with a fresh eye and perspective.

"Let others comment on your narrative and take note of these - You will get more ideas to wrap up you piece.

"Rewrite your paper and have it edited - get a good editor who has the time to go over it.

The Right Write

The length of the finished product varies. It may take one to five pages, double-spaced, with 300 words per page. The usual font used is the Times New Roman, but this will also depend on the terms of your professor.

Essay writing assumes many forms, but the best or perfect article is one written passionately and rewritten until it meets the writer's satisfaction.

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