Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Thesis As a Blueprint For Your Essay

While the thesis statement is traditionally used as a way to introduce your main subject, it can also be laid out such that it provides a recognizable blueprint for the essay. When utilized in this manner, it can help frame your essay, giving readers a clearer view about the different components in your piece.

All those things in just one sentence? Contrary to what most people think, the thesis statement need not be confined to a single sentence. If a single, clear sentence can sufficiently express the main thrust of your essay, then go that route. If it does not, then do not be afraid to parlay the thought over the course of a series of sentences. When using your thesis as a blueprint, it is highly likely you will need to go past a single sentence in order to address it in entirety, especially if you are treating a very complex subject.

How do you frame your paper into your thesis? Here are some suggestions:

· List down the major subtopics of your essay.

· Check which ones are crucial to developing your main argument

· When composing your thesis statement, look to add all of these crucial elements over the two, three or however many sentences it takes you to describe it.

While the main thesis is a small part of your overall essay, it is probably the most important as it sets the stage for the rest of your discussion. As such, you need to make sure it is written as clearly and powerfully as possible, with the help of a good essay writing software.

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