Friday, 2 October 2015

How to Write a Short Causal Essay

Causal essays are frequent requirements for class essays. For a good reason, too, since cause-and-effect relationships are an important aspect of being able to reason logically.

A Clear Structure

Depending on length, a full cause-and-effect relationship may not be possible within your essay. If your guidelines require you to only use 500 words, for instance, it will likely be too short to let you cover the subject in entirety. As such, deciding whether to put the highlight on cause or effect will let you keep the work in more manageable terms.


Like many short pieces of writing, causal essays can be produced using basic essay formats, with the help of an essay writing software. Most of the time, though, it will involve either one of three organizational structures:

Top-Down. Whether you decide to focus on cause or effect, going from the most important information down to the least prominent idea is an effective way to lay out your work.

Categorical. As the name implies, this format sees your essay presented in various categories. It adds an extra amount of difficulty since it requires you to arrange your ideas in logical groupings, apart from demonstrating the causal relationship.

Chronological. Presenting ideas according to the sequence they occurred is another popular way to present a causal essay. This is very effective, especially for those which put a particular focus on effects.


Transitions, both between sentences and paragraphs, are a basic necessity in causal essays. That's because they provide the reader with the logical clues about the relationship between the ideas you put into your essay. Make sure to employ them in your wo

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