Monday, 12 October 2015

Why Choosing Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Is Important

Before you start looking at compare and contrast essay topics, you need to consider what type of audience will be reading your essay. This is important because you want to make your essay interesting to the reader, and writing about a topic that is important to them can help you accomplish this. There are several categories of topics for you to choose from.

Choosing good compare and contrast essay topics is a fairly easy task, since we compare and contrast things everyday. Anytime you have to choose between two items, such as which shirt to wear or where to eat lunch, you are using a compare and contrast format. Writing an essay using this format should be easy to accomplish, but the topic you choose has a big influence on the quality of your essay.

Finding a topic that you are already familiar with is always a good idea, as this will make it easier to write your essay. If you are given a subject that you are not familiar with, then choose a topic that sparks an interest to you. If you have an interest in the topic then you will be more motivated to write your essay.

You can choose to use a frivolous topic for your compare and contrast essay. This type of topic is not advised if you are looking for compare and contrast essay topics for college. As these topics seriously lack the intellectual aspects required for college level research essays. They are however a great idea for short essay writing assignments. A few examples of this type of topic are, a friend versus an enemy, the movie compared to the book, watching movies at home versus watching them in a theater.

Some courses of studies require you to write about a topic that is included in the curriculum. For example, if you are writing your essay for an English class, you may be asked to compare fiction and non-fictional characteristics. You can then choose a topic from any play or book that you may have read during the course of the class. Once you have chosen a topic, you will begin writing your essay. Be sure to include any information that is pertinent to both sides of the topic.

After you have decided on good compare and contrast essay topics you would want to write about, narrow down the list by researching each topic. You can use the internet to find a wide variety of information about each one, using search engines can be a great place to start. The topic you choose should have plenty of information for you to use in your essay.

Good compare and contrast essay topics are based on issues that are important and interesting to the audience in which you are writing for. If the reader does not find the topic interesting they are less likely to read your entire essay. And if the essay if for a college class, it can result in a lower than expected grade.

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