Sunday, 1 November 2015

Peace Essay - All You Need to Know

peace essay is an essay that emphasizes upon an issue that speaks about the world peace. The essay can be all encompassing or restricted in nature. However, by and large, essays are focused on some particular area of interest.

United States Institute of Peace conducts an essay writing competition for peace essays. Participants have to write around fifteen hundred words essay on given topic. Participants have to submit their essays before the given deadline in prescribed format. Following persons are eligible for participating in this essay contest:

o High school students who go to the schools in the United States irrespective of their citizenship
o Students attending high schools in the United States under student exchange program
o United States citizens attending high school in other countries

United States Institute of Peace holds this competition every year. The Institute's website has a guide book for the students who want to participate in this contest. It also provides the research material, list of articles for reading that will help students' thinking and learning procedure for writing peace essay.

The aim of writing essay is to convince the entire world that the peace is a subject matter of universal concern. Writing essay gives the students an opportunity to express their views on the subject like international peace. Making students write a peace essay is a finest way to enhance their awareness about the sensitive topic like world peace. World peace is not just a keyword for winning a beauty pageant, it is a matter of universal apprehension.

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